How to: Distribute the App Management App Catalog to new users


The following advice may be useful when rolling out the App Management platform to new users.


  1. It can be helpful to use a service such as TinyURL or Bitly to shorten and make the App Catalog download link easy to type and remember. 
  2. Use traditional broadcast or push channels such as your corporate intranet or mass emails to get the URL out to end-users. Make sure you clearly communicate that the URL in the message needs to be opened on the mobile device. This static URL will be the same for everyone in your company regardless of the platform (e.g iOS or Android).
  3. There may be situations where you want to communicate additional information to your end-users before they install the App Catalog. For example, you may want to present the end-user with a usage terms and conditions message before they install the App Catalog. This intermediate landing page should have a button that links to the App Catalog static URL to initiate the install.
  4. SMS Short Codes are a way for end-users to text a simple code to a short number and receive the App Catalog install link. Mozeo is an example of such a service.
  5. Use a service such as the QR Code Generator to create a QR code for distribution to your customers/employees. This QR code can then be distributed via any of the methods mentioned previously. As an end-user, if your mobile device cannot read QR codes natively via the camera app, then you will need a QR code reader app such as QR Code Reader and Scanner for iOS devices or QR Code Reader for Android devices.


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