Policy: Digital.ai DevOps, Release and Deploy, supported product versions

DevOps Deploy and Release support policy

Digital.ai's support policy has changed from the previous Long-Term Support (LTS) and Short-Term Support (STS) policies to a simplified single policy.

Product versions are now supported for 15 months following their release, with an additional three months after the end of that year available to ask questions of support. 

We strongly recommend that:

  • You do not upgrade to any product version that is no longer supported as it may have issues that are resolved in later versions.
  • You do upgrade to a supported version before the support period of your current version expires so you maintain continuity of support.

Maintenance releases

Maintenance releases are released as required to fix bugs in supported releases. Support for a maintenance release ends when support for its corresponding product version ends. Hotfixes are also provided for supported product versions with the same level of support as maintenance releases.

Supported DevOps Deploy and Release product versions

The following table lists versions of Digital.ai DevOps Deploy & Release and the dates that they are officially supported.

DAI DevOps: Deploy / Release version Release date End of support date  
22.3.x 07-Oct-2022 08-Jan-2024  
22.2.x 29-Jun-2022 30-Sept-2023  
22.1.x 11-Apr-2022 12-Jul-2023  
22.0.x 02-Jan-2022 25-April-2023  
10.3.x 25-Oct-2021 24-Jan-2023  
10.2.x 27-Jul-2021 25-Oct-2022  
10.1.x 28-Apr-2021 27-Jul-2022  
10.0.x 28-Jan-2021 28-Apr-2022  
9.8.x 27-Oct-2020 28-Jan-2021  
9.7.x 2-Jul-2020 28-Jan-2022  
9.6.x 18-Mar-2020 2-Jul-2020  
9.5.x 10-Dec-2019 2-Jul-2021  
9.0.x 12-Aug-2019 10-Dec-2020  
8.6.x 27-Mar-2019 12-Aug-2019  
8.5.x 5-Dec-2018 12-Aug-2020  


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