TeamForge Parent Project Components in a Subproject


Is it possible to inherit the artifacts, trackers, or planning folders of parent projects in subprojects?


When a parent project is added, its subprojects can only inherit project members, user groups, and roles from its parent project. There are no options to view the artifacts and trackers from a subproject. It is not possible to Inherit the tracker of the Parent project in subprojects.

If a user is added as a member of the parent project with a global project role, this user also appears as an "Inherited Member" of subprojects.

Check the roles inherited from the parent project in subprojects:

  1. Click Project Admin > Permissions > Roles
  2. You will now see VIEW
  3. Select Roles inherited from parent project

If the role isn't inherited in the child projects:

  1. Check if the option Prevent this role's permissions from applying to private subprojects is disabled in the project roles applied for the user
  2. If the option is enabled, then the user role will not be reflected in child projects

To check and edit the roles:

  1. Click Admin > Roles > GLOBAL PROJECT ROLES
  2. Select the role name and check if the option Prevent Inheritance is disabled
  3. If the option is enabled, click Edit and disable that option
  4. The user roles applied in the parent project will now be reflected in the child projects
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